About - Urban Lithograph

Urban Lithograph is a Fine Urban Art Gallery.

Work hosted on this website includes photography, digital art, and canvas.

For over a decade, Urban Lithograph founder, Luke Krzysztofiak has been collecting, documenting, and exhibiting works. Luke is also the author of books and publications.

Featured artworks represent a unique technique combining photography, documentation, digital art, and other mixed media.

With a multitude of locations that are no longer around, the gallery is planning new exhibits every month in 2021.

Some of the best-known work is notable for photography and historical interest/documentation.

Featured imagery has sometimes had a mixed reception, based on the nature of some of the subjects.

Most of the subjects are associated with street photography, also sometimes called informal photography.

As well as urban landscape photography, which tries to capture the essence of the physical circumstances of the context of urbanized life.

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