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Winter in Chicago

Winter in Chicago is generally cold and snowy. Every three years or so during the winter Chicago experiences a heavier snowstorm that can produce over 10 in (25 cm) of snow over a 1- to 3-day period, a level of snowfall very often seen in cities on the “snowbelt” on other side of the lake […]

Suburban Developments

Suburbs first emerged on a large scale in the 19th and 20th centuries as a result of improved rail and road transport, which led to an increase in commuting. Several layers of suburban municipalities now surround cities like Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Dallas, Denver, Houston, New York City, San Francisco, Sacramento, Atlanta, Miami, […]

Autumn in Chicago’s Millennium Park

Millennium Park (constructed 1998–2004) is a 24-acre park, garden, subterrene parking garage, and cultural center located within Grant Park and bounded by Michigan Avenue on the west, Randolph Street on the north, Columbus Drive on the east, and Monroe Street on the south. Mayor Richard M. Daley thought of Millennium Park as a collaborative public- […]

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