Urban Lithograph Gallery aims to contribute to one of the continuing primary themes in urban preservation: how to interpret and preserve the intangible values of built environments.

Urban Lithograph Gallery gathers, exhibits, publishes, and promotes Fine Urban Art.

There is a broad recognition that a more inclusive and comprehensive approach is needed to identify and understand the urban values, which are at the heart of the identity and character of the city. Identity and local character are part of any city’s competitive edge, but are increasingly under threat and destroyed by globalizing processes of urban development

  • Toxicity Of Our City

Toxicity Of Our City

  • The Middle Man

The Middle Man

  • Stay In School

Stay In School

  • Industrial Wasteland East Chicago

Industrial Wasteland

  • State Of Confusion

State Of Confusion

  • Inner Reflections of Sears inside Demolition

Inner Reflections

  • Abandoned Make Trax Arcade Game

Make Trax

  • Abandoned Ravenswood Medical Center and Hospital

Helpless Office

  • Noble Detail in Abandoned Chicago Defender Interior

Noble Detail